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On  the  29th  of  July  2016,  ‘Omnicane  Thermal  Energy  Operations’    OTEO    welcomed    a  delegation  of  IEM  at  the its cogeneration Plant at la Baraque. Mr. Pierre Sagnier, Project  Development  Manager  gave  a  short  detailed  presentation  of  the   Integrated Flow Chart - Bagasse and Coal Fired Thermal Plant and  the process of waste recycling of Omnicane Flexi-Factory , and  the ‘Carbon  Burn  Out’  CBO  Unit  project,  the  second  of  its  kind  in  the  world, presently under construction. The group had the opportunity  to  visit  the  Bagasse  and  Coal  Cogeneration  Plant  (2  X  45  MW)  which currently supplies  20% of the electricity on the CEB national grid  ,  the  small  cogeneration  plant  burning  coal  and  wood  chips  supplying      power   and   steam   to   the   distillery,   the refinery and the CBO Unit. Residues (coal fly ash and bottom ash) collected from the Co-Generation Power Plants will be processed by the CBO Unit for cement additives and concrete aggregates.

The  commissioning  of  the  CBO  Unit  is  planned  during  October/November 2016.

The group also visited the new Bioethanol Distillery which is able to supply 22,000,000 litres /year.