IEM Professional Training Centre

The IEM Professional Training Centre was registered as a training institution by the Mauritius Qualifications Authority (MQA) in March 2015. The Centre is the training arm of IEM and its aim is to meet the professional development needs of engineers.  In the short-term, it will organize 3 to 4 short courses per year. In the long-term, it will also mount advanced specialist courses and, if required, in collaboration with overseas institutions.

The Centre started its activities in February 2016 when it was one of the collaborators of SLDC in the organization of the Smart Mauritius and Innovation Summit 2016. Approximately, 70 participants registered with IEM for this event which was approved by MQA as a non-award course.  In May 2016, the Centre offered a short course (4 hours’ duration) for Design & Maintenance Engineers on Soft Starters with Mr Roland Fayolle, Chartered Engineer, as resource person. The course was attended by 24 participants from CEB, CWA, consulting firms, contractors and the manufacturing industry. In August 2016, a course (6 hours’ duration) on Environmental Compliance in the Construction Industry was run by Mrs Nadia Daby Seesaram, Eur Ing, Environmental Engineer, as trainer. There were 17 participants from contractors, consulting firms, RDA and NHDC.

The Centre is conducting a CPD needs assessment survey (opened to members as well as non-members of IEM) with the objective of seeking feedbacks so that it can plan and design courses that meet the needs of professionals engaged in engineering and related fields. 

Take the CPD Needs Assessment Survey